The Corporation Pond

The Corporation Pond

The Corporation Pond

In 1929

‘The freezer’; the open-air pool

refreshed by the North Sea with each high tide,

& relished as the coldest swim in Britain,

opened as wind blew bitter from the east.

The sun shone, but few that day braved the town’s first pool

that permitted men and women to bathe together.

Until then men swam nude off the promenade

and women swam in ‘modest’ clothing, overshadowed by the rocks,

where all males ‘even of tender years’ were warned away.

But now here for all was the new Corporation Pond.

A mannequin parade and a brass band feted the crowd

gathered to witness

‘an outstanding event in the history of the town’.


Why is it so hard to get off the beaten track?

So the idea is to draw a circle on a map of Dunbar-maybe around the base of a wine glass- and follow the line as closely as possible in the real world,wandering along with no other aim than to stop every now and then to gaze about and hopefully see my surroundings in new ways; to find the stories that Dunbar wants to tell me.

Following the line will force me to leave my usual route and to get off the beaten track.