Readers' Corner

We will be offering four East Lothian based Writers the chance to entertain and captivate in our Readers' Corner on the Saturday Afternoon of the Festival. 

Into The Woods

Into The Woods Writing Competition

Open for submissions from 14th February to 14th March

Entry Fee £3 donated in it's entirety to support CoastWord

Words from some of last year's winners


"The Dunbar Festival competition for 2013 caught my eye and I submitted a poem.  I was delighted to be one of the winners but that was only the start of a wonderful journey.  I decided to go through to the festival, as Dunbar was a place I always meant to visit but had never achieved.  The town is delightful.  I enjoyed a walk on the John Muir way and exploring the countryside.  This was a prelude to attending events where I heard great writing and found new friends.  I look forward to going back in June."

G W Colkitto - Winner 2013


"Hey, what a great gobsmacking surprise it was to hear that I was one of the winners in the Harbour Flash Fiction competition! There was me, come along as an innocent supporter to relish the delights of the  Dunbar Wee Festival of Words, there I was, sitting innocently in the audience, just relaxing and enjoying and lapping up all the lovely words, when the announcement was made  - I had won! I heard my name, I couldn't actually believe what I was hearing, I looked around but I was being swept to the front and everyone was smiling and clapping, and the book was thrust into my hands and I was asked to read my piece. My hands were shaking, my voice was shaking, but I read my piece, and people said it was lush, and then I was presented with a lovely plaque, with a picture of the sea at Dunbar, and my name on it, and it was truly one of the best surprises I have ever had and I still can't quite believe that they picked me."

Shelley Day Sclater - Flash Fiction Prize Winner 2013

Fiona Ritchie Walker.jpg

"For me, just entering the competition was a winning combination. The challenge of a deadline, a theme to get me started, raising money for a good cause and supporting a new writing festival in a wee place that I like. Why wouldn't I send something in!  Being one of the winners was a bonus, and it was great to be part of the gathering at Dunbar's harbour. A very special night."

Fiona Ritchie Walker - Winner 2013

George Pirie.jpg

"A freezer sharp day in a remote Highland graveyard. A gnawing ache to describe my feelings to others. Writing the terrible first draft which is at once perfect yet fatally flawed. Redrafting and redrafting, throwing away words until the shape begins to appear. All of Easter Sunday spent working on the final draft, because it must be perfect. I change only four words. My first poem is formed. It is submitted and it wins.

            Weeks later I am sitting in a little room overlooking a harbour, listening to my work being read to an audience, the speaker reflecting the sadness of my words.  I turn to look at the listeners. Their expressions show they are back in that little graveyard, standing beside me, experiencing the emotion I felt then.

I am now a writer."

George Pirie - Winner 2013