Appletree StoryCraft

Our partner Appletree Writers in association with East Lothian Libraries are running a long term project in Dunbar Library  called Appletree StoryCraft, a library based story-making workshop for primary aged children 6+. This group began as part of Book Week Scotland Celebrations in November 2013. The group's work will be celebrated on the Saturday Morning of the Festival at Dunbar Library. 

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Hannah Lavery is a writer, an experienced teacher and a mother of three young children. "Story Craft is an opportunity to excite and inspire children and more importantly an opportunity for children to be creative, imaginative and have fun! 

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Helen McKerron is an experienced Primary School Teacher and avid reader and mother of two young boys. "Story Craft is a place where children can use their imagination without constraint. It allows children to be themselves."    

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Some wee snippets from our Story Adventurers!

"I like the jars best. They have all different kinds of things inside them - like the story pebbles and the jar of no ideas! We open them when we need their help."

Our First Adventures...

Our appearance this year as part of East Lothian Libraries’ Book Week Scotland was the realisation of an idea that we had brewing alongside endless cups of tea for over five years. As two experienced teachers, as mothers of boys and as avid readers and writers we are passionate about the worth of story, of teaching our children stories, for inspiring our children to tell their own stories and to explore and adventure in their imaginations.