Dunbar Visit - a brief report

Dunbar visit - a brief report

On my last visit to Dunbar, it was time to get immersed - spend a few days in the same place and let red sandstone and a bracing breeze become the norm! 

I set up camp in a wee work room in the Bleachingfields Centre - with computer, notebook, Shruti box and pen… it was here I planned my day, mused on my findings and delved into local books from the library for inspiration. 

So as not to solely experience the place through a few local history books - it was important to get out of my workroom, out of my head, and go for a good walk every day. This allowed for a different kind of creative thinking. A kind that was much less productive on paper and far more productive in the development of ideas. In the library, I threw in the ingredients, on my walks, I let them simmer and stew….

On my second day in Dunbar, I visited a new friend - Bob Clunas, former harbour master of Dunbar harbour. Bob served in this position for a full decade and still lives just a stone’s throw from the boats - one of the most magnificent of which is his own - Marean, a 32ft fifie (traditional sailing fishing boat off the East coast). He was the perfect person to show me around. It was fascinating to hear about his relationship with this piece of seascape, especially in the context of his colourful life at sea all over the world. 

 Now I’m letting my ideas develop and start to form themselves into songs…. as well as planning my next visit! Until next time, sunny Dunny….. :D