The Stories Dunbar is Telling Me: Part Three

The Stories Dunbar is Telling Me:   Part Three

Found Poetry

In my quest to discover the stories Dunbar is telling me I created some Found Poetry.  Found Poetry takes words from one source and reuses them in a new way. For my source I chose an edition of the East Lothian Courier.


Various pieces emerged before Dunbar asserted itself and I realised I’d made a poster for The Boss Coastword Festival.

The Boss Coastword Festival


The Best View in the World



Hoping for more

Confidence Success

Visionary Bagpipes, Poetry, Cheerleading

Cuppa & Cakes

Quality charm & style

Top Bonnie Babies

Knock out

Riot wrestling thrills

…on a unicycle

We are very lucky to have

Three times more



Chicken named John

Gold, surf, entertainment, Game set & Cash

than there was last year

Ready for

The legend of the

Boss Coastword Festival

Blooming Marvellous’


Are you coming?

19th – 21st May 2017

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