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Luckless Drave - Richard & Karen

Richard and Karen have been singing together for more than ten years and they love to sing at CoastWord! Their music brings together their interest in many song forms from folk to country, Americana, blues, jazz, and latin, with the emphasis always being on the unique combination of their vocals.

Their latest release, “The Luckless Drave”, has been a labour of love for a number of years. The album is an atmospheric collage of sounds and songs evoking the landscape and history of Dunbar. The legends of Johnnie Faa, Black Agnes, and King Lot are re-imagined alongside tales of witch persecution and shipwrecks. The recording process became a celebration of their friends and the talent in their local community with contributions from poets, artists, and musicians. The end result is a fine homage to the place they have both chosen to call home.

Karen is a respected singer, song-writer, and choir leader. She is an inspiring teacher and performer who has been a champion of creativity, singing, and music-making in the Dunbar community and beyond for many years.

Richard is a song-writer first and foremost, channelling inspiration from the likes of Jonathan Richman and Alasdair Roberts. Previous collections of songs have been based on the writing of Annie Proulx and Federico Garcia Lorca.

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