Life As A Storyteller

Chris Yule, a storyteller, visited the library and was interviewed by the CoastWord Times’ reporting team. He lives in Dunbar.



What is your job?

I am a creator, a curator and an orator. I keep stories alive, stories that go back hundreds of years.


Do you like being a storyteller?


I love it. I’m never happier when I’m telling stories.


Where do you tell stories?


I go to where the people are rather than having them come to me.  I tell stories all over Scotland and have been to France, South Africa, North Africa and the USA.



Why did you become a storyteller?


Because I like working with young people and the thing about stories is that it’s a good way to share experiences. I think all of us are storytellers. I became a storyteller eight years ago.


What is your favourite story to tell?


The story of the incontinent donkey because it’s very rude and very funny.