Magi Gibson's Workshop

Our first workshop of 2015 was with the delightful Magi Gibson, poet and author and currently the Reader in Residence at the Glasgow Women’s Library. Usually the authors who come to Writing Mums are largely there to teach writing skills, but this time, we had a lot to give back as well. Magi came to see us as part of the Glasgow Women’s Library project on women and sectarianism, called Mixing the Colours. They’ve found there’s little writing from women on sectarianism in Scotland, and to help redress this, they’re bringing out an anthology of writing they gathered as part of the project. Magi encouraged us to talk about our own experiences of sectarianism, and we each wrote a short piece based on the discussion. What came out was a fascinating mixture of revulsion at prejudice and the positive experience of a religious upbringing. Magi told us her own story of starting out as a writer and gave us heaps of encouragement as well as some very specific tips on where to go with the pieces we’d written. I left feeling much more confident about my future as a writer, and determined to add to the canon of women’s writing on sectarianism.

Job done, Magi!