Many, Many Waters

Hannah Lavery was at the helm for our February Writing Mums workshop, and no sooner had our bottoms hit the seats than we were putting pen to paper, getting our writing brains in gear with a “morning page”. The focus for today was the songs Dunbar Sings will be performing at CoastWord. Writing Mums are writing pieces to accompany them, and we listened to one song, read the lyrics aloud and immersed ourselves in it fully before getting our own words on the page, with directions from Hannah. Inspired by the strength of feeling in the song, I found myself getting quite emotional when I read out what I’d written. We were asked to work on the writing further at home and we took with us the lyrics to the next song, along with a big slice of inspiration on what to do with them. I don’t think I was the only one who left feeling really excited about our role at CoastWord 2015. Hannah is never less than amazing, but today she really put us through our paces and we can’t wait to show the literary world what Writing Mums can do.