Our Facebook Chatter!


Our journal this month takes the form of a rather lovely conversation from Facebook ….

Thanks once again for an inspiring (and emotional!!) workshop this morning ladies. The hour and half disappeared in a flash. I felt reinvigorated to get back into the writing groove and intend trying to start my homework tonight! Xo

I want to honour the wonderfully insightful stories written by the most courageous women that I have met in a long time. You truly inspire me and make me feel that my years of supporting and empowering women has been worth it. Go girls, go forward in your incredible lives - both pain and passion.
I am stunned, each week, by the strength and quality of the writing I hear. I'm only sorry that I wasn't able to respond to a couple of writers today - I was just too moved by what they'd written to be able to speak. They were that good

Something pretty special is happening here, I think. I am feeling privileged just to be able to listen and learn


Absolutely. I'm so surprised by the stories you all have to share and impressed by the way you do it


Every time, every time a' greet. Me thinks we need less cake and more Kleenex and keep the stories coming. x