Our First Adventures...

Our appearance this year as part of East Lothian Libraries’ Book Week Scotland was the realisation of an idea that we had brewing alongside endless cups of tea for over five years. As two experienced teachers, as mothers of boys and as avid readers and writers we are passionate about the worth of story, of teaching our children stories, for inspiring our children to tell their own stories and to explore and adventure in their imaginations.

Our first adventure was on Saturday 30th November, faced with fourteen children yet to be convinced we began by breaking the ice. When we were sure they were ready and giving them their offering for the king (a scrabble tile!) we took them over the shaky log, through nettles, swam  the muddy stream, pushed open the mountains and bowed to the story king, leaving our offerings at the story tree. 

We took our story adventurers to the emporium and we laid out our wares. Our bottle of imagination, our jar of story pebbles and our tub of ideas and aided by our trusty pet, Pickles and inspired by Iain McMillan’s ‘Ten Things in A Wizard’s Pocket’ we took on the tasks of the Story King.

Meeting again in January, and now as part of the lead up to CoastWord, Dunbar’s Festival Of Words, we adventured and explored ‘What is a hero?’ inspired by the Cressida Cowell’s excellent ‘How To Train a Dragon’ we took our adventurers, or rather they took us on an exciting and sometimes surprising story and as we look forward to February’s workshop we are excited about where that journey will lead us. What twist and turns will there be next? And will the Story King be satisfied?

Appletree Emporium.JPG