We have become a wee band of brothers over the last few years and although we love every minute, almost every minute, we always appreciate a wee 'well done' when we're flagging. So we are so lucky that we live in a community that cheers us on and supports us with such generosity. Thank you folks of Dunbar, East Lothian and all our lovely visitors- you make it so fun! 

The Team of Volunteers

Chair: Colin Will 

Founder and Festival Director: Hannah Lavery

Treasurer: Lynn Kilpatrick 

Administrator: Nicky Martin

Design: Carey Lunan and John Hardman

Front of House: Jo Gibson

Press: Deborah McLaughlin 

Kids and Family Events: Aileen Kelly

Website: Adrian Lavery  

Hosts: Carey Douglas, Graham Cairns, Lorna Hill, Melissa Goodbourn and Ruth Gilchrist  

Writing Mums Administrator: Lisa George 

Logo and book design: Kate Cornish 

Contact us at: info@coastword.co.uk 

Great thanks are due to the wonderful local poet Roy Moller who from 2014-2016 was unflagging in his support for CoastWord  as our administrator and to Julie Amphlett who helped us enormously as treasurer from 2015-2016 and to Sue Anderson for all her help in establishing CoastWord in 2014.