We will be sharing news right here of the teddy's sleepover tonight. Make sure you drop off your teddy before the library closes at 5PM.  There are lots of teddies already here and there's lots of excitement in the air.  Quite a few were here in the summer for the CoastWord festival, but there's also some who haven't been before, so won't know what to expect.  If your teddy is a wee bit shy and you want to tell them all about it before you bring them down, have a look at the journal we kept last year and show them the pictures.  Just click here.  

OK, that's it for now, I have to help Anne, Aileen and Hannah get everything ready.  Make sure you check back here later on to see how much fun we're having.  If you want to say "night night" to your teddy later, ask a grown up to send us a tweet using the hashtag #bookweeksleepover or post a message on our facebook page and I'll pass on your messages.

Well, we've been having a great time reading bedtime stories. Pingu read Adventure Ted a story all about flip flops and Adventure Ted spent the next ten minutes laughing about it as he thought it was just so funny!  Pudsey thought this looked so much fun and asked Red Teddy to read a story about itchy spiders. Blue Dog wasn't very impressed when Pudsey pretended there was a big hairy spider crawling across the floor!  

Well, we're all just getting ready for bed.  Paddington wants to brush his teeth with honey!!  I'll post up some more photos once we're all tucked up in bed.

It's just after eight and it's taken a long time, but finally we managed to all get tucked up in bed.  Stories have been read, teeth have been brushed and some of the little ones are asleep already.  Charley Bear and Squirty have found some gingerbread men biscuits in the library and have put them on plates for a midnight feast tonight.  Sid says he doesn't like gingerbread, but he might have a little nibble if he gets hungry later.  Everyone is really missing their kids already and can't wait until tomorrow morning for lots and lots and lots of cuddles.  Night Night everyone, sleep tight.

YAWN.................  I don't even know what time it is I'm so tired.  I think it's almost ten o'clock!! I've never been up this late before.  The library is very quiet and everyone is asleep.  Charlie Bear got a bit lonely earlier but he got a cuddle and Big Bear has dressed up as a policeman to keep everyone safe.  Charlie Bear is feeling much better now and is now fast asleep with a big smile on his face.  Nighty night again...zzz...zzz...

YAY! It's morning time!  We've had such great fun last night, although not too much sleep.  We woke up pretty early when Socky asked Sid to help him work out how to use the photocopier.  He wanted to photocopy his last gingerbread biscuit to make some more.


Even Sid couldn't work it out and he's really clever!  Darth Vadar and Angry Bird decided to have a check on the computer and they managed to find the instructions.  Everyone decided that, although it was a good idea of Socky's, the biscuits they made weren't very nice after all. 

It's just turned 9AM and we've all finished our breakfast and now we're just getting the library ready for the Kids Take Over The Library event this morning.  It's been so much fun getting all the toys out, putting up the tents and organising the trains, although Old Ted and Pip have been playing climbing frames more than helping!

Highly and Diny have been working really well together getting all the DVDs ready.  They were up really high, so Diny had to climb up on the baby seat and Highly had to climb up on his nose!  Diny said it was lucky Highly was so small, otherwise he would have had a really sore nose!

Bernie hasn't been helping that much, just cannot decide what colour cushion to sleep on!

Paddington has found some new friends to play cars with, but he can't find one big enough that he can fit in.

Adventure Ted didn't want to leave the library today without getting a picture of himself beside the fishing boat.  He had a real adventure on it this morning and says he caught some huge flying fish! 

Well, the library is now ready.  There are toys and games everywhere, ready for our kids picking us up really soon.  I managed to keep some gingerbread biscuits safe for the kids coming and even a wee bottle of juice that Sid and Socky didn't spot. We all miss our kids so much, but had a really great time last night and loved getting the library set up for them this morning. The storytellers have got their stories ready and we're all cuddled up now listening to one while waiting to get picked up.