The teddys are taking over!

Hi, it's Zeeny here again.  Well, everyone has decided to have an explore of this beautiful library.  Liony (who is a really good jumper) has just jumped from one photocopier to the other one and is now trying to get Wolfy (who is not a very good jumper) to jump over too.  I've told him to stop teasing him!

Dungle has been looking for a book about ghosts, but has got sidetracked reading conspiracy theories about Area 51.  He's going to tell some ghost stories later!

Monkey has found some great books about gardening and has some great ideas for a new aquatic wall garden - whatever that is!


Teddy has been exploring the history room, finding out about some of Dunbar's local history and getting it ready for the budding journalists of The CoastWord Times tomorrow.

Eeek has been teaching Beth and Cuddles how to use the computer.  They've lost the mouse though!

OK, that's all for now.  Check back later tonight, or if you're going to bed now, you can read all about it tomorrow.

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