The teddy's midnight feast

We've been having so much fun tonight.  The library is such an amazing place to have an adventure.  There is so much to explore, hidey holes to play hide and seek and huge bookcases full of books to climb up and explore all the books.

Shoof Shoof has been drawing pictures of spaceships because he says Euan is going to the Lego Building club tomorrow and has been making lots of great lego spaceships.

Pinkie and Reindy have chosen a Thomas The Tank Engine movie for us to watch later.  I can't wait, it's my friend Joe's favourite.  He always sits down to watch it with Rory.





We've managed to finish making all the biscuits for the kids tomorrow and also managed to make a small (make that huge!!) midnight feast for us.


Check back on us later to see if anyone actually sleeps tonight!!